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Suma Multi D2.3L

Suma Multi D2.3L
Brand: Diversey India Pvt. Ltd.
Product Code: Suma Multi D2.3L
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Use at a concentration of 2% to 5%. Add 20 ml. of SUMA MULTI to 1 litre of hand-hot water.
1) Soak utensils in tank filled with warm SUMA MULTI solution.
2) Clean soil with scrubber.
3) Soak in rinse tank.
4) Sanitise in tank filled with sanitiser solution.
Safe on hands. Easy to rinse. Saves water Removes stubborn soils. Mild and gentle on cutlery.

Floor Cleaning
Prepare a 1.5% solution of SUMA MULTI in a bucket of water.
Mop floor. No rinsing needed.
Can be used on all floorings like marble, granite, vinyl etc.
Compatible for use with scrubbing machines.
Pleasant lingering perfume.

Hard Surface Cleaing
Prepare a1% solution of SUMA MULTI in a spray bottle.
Spray on surfaces to be cleaned. Wipe dry.
Use on laminates, computers, telephones, TV and other plastic surfaces.
Leaves surface clean without any scratches or streaks.

Glass Cleaning
Prepare a 0.2% solution of SUMA MULTI in a spray bottle.
Spray on glass surfaces. Wipe dry.
For small areas spray on cloth and wipe glass surface.
Leaves glass sparkling clean without any scratches or streaks.

Vehicle Cleaning
Prepare a 1% solution of SUMA MULTI in warm water.
Wash car with this solution. Wipe dry.
CAUTION : To protect wax shine do not use higher concentration.
Windshield cleaning : Fill a 0.2% solution of SUMA MULTI in the wiper-water
reservoir and use the windshield sprayer.
Cleans without removing gloss. Effective for cleaning seat covers, dash-board and carinterior.

Product Data
Appearance :
Pale yellow clear liquid
Specific Gravity @ 250C : 0.97 - 1.1
pH ( 1% solution) : 6.5 - 8.0

The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification.

2 x 5 litre


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